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Set your imagination free and create colour combinations in your home

Many homes these days have interiors in shades of black and white, but with a few slight changes, you can create a play...[more]

A healthy home with plants

Plants have qualities other than simply being decorative. They can also clean the air of toxins and improve the indoor...[more]

Embellish your home with sweet-scented oases

Sustainability, climate change conference and resource consciousness … the modern consumer is facing a political agenda...[more]

Bring spring into your home

When Christmas and New Year′s celebrations are over, we start longing for colours and new things in our homes in...[more]

Make your own Santa scenery with miniature plants

December is the ultimate month of the year for creating a cosy atmosphere, with Christmas cut-outs, baking and...[more]

New generations move in at Thoruplund

This autumn, the family-owned nursery through four generations introduces a range of new Schlumbergera Thor varieties...[more]

Plants for a Better Life

This is the title of a new Danish research project at the University of Copenhagen. The purpose is to map out the...[more]

Chili pepper: a delight to the eye, a pleasure for the palate

Edible chilli peppers do wonders when time and energy are scarce in your daily life. The following is a quick and easy...[more]

Plants stimulate creativity

Going back to work after the holiday can be a tough experience, however, there is good news for employees in creative...[more]

The garden as a haven for children

The school summer holidays will shortly be upon us, and the children have many exciting projects going on in the school...[more]

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