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Popular geraniums outdoors and indoors

Geraniums are beautiful both indoors and outdoors, and belong to a group of plants that not only offer a wealth of...[more]

Urban Nature: Bring nature into your living-room with exciting plants

Urban Nature is the name of this summer's trend in plants, which is about taking the best from nature and integrating...[more]

Yellow is the new pink

Yellow will retain its popularity in the home in the coming years. But yellow is not just yellow - it can be sunflower...[more]

Plants and Neo Feng Shui

Neo Feng Shui gives you insight into the way our physical surroundings constantly affect our lives. By choosing your...[more]

An early start to the joys of the garden

Snow, coldness and frost - we′ve had plenty of winter this year. But no matter what, spring is on its way so why...[more]

Flowering red letter days rub off on exports

Every year offers several excellent occasions, such as red letter days, for giving wives, sweethearts and mothers all...[more]

Get value for money when you buy plants

Some plants are made for indoor use while others thrive best outdoors - and then there are plants which are cut out for...[more]

What does your window-sill signal?

While our eyes are said to be the mirror of your soul, a window-sill is a visual business card and our face to the...[more]

Crazy surprises on Valentine′s Day

Surprise your sweetheart on this year′s Valentine's Day with something completely different, symbolising great...[more]

Know your plant type profile

Lifestyle is expressed through consumption, values and behaviour. A lifestyle test is an excellent tool that can help...[more]

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