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Drag out summer

Prolong the summer atmosphere far into autumn. Fill containers, baskets and boxes with fresh late summer flowers.[more]

Quick floral decorations for garden parties

Midsummer is a wonderful time. The evenings are bright and warm, and the garden is the ideal place for a pleasant...[more]

Perfect plants for your busy teenager

Teenagers live life in the fast lane. They are busy finding themselves, while at the same time their surroundings are...[more]

Exciting plants for the south-facing windowsill

Luxuriant indoor plants bring sun and summer into your living-room, and give your home a touch of the exotic holiday...[more]

Danish gardeners have Europe′s highest production of Osteospermum

When the football fans shortly check out and move indoors to watch the battle for the World Cup in South Africa, those...[more]

Herbs and edible specialities on the terrace

When summer makes its entrance, we move the kitchen outside. And not without reason, because with fresh herbs and...[more]

Plant pots in colour groups on the terrace

Your pot garden should be easy and quick to do, not a decision for life, says a well-known, Danish gardening writer....[more]

Blooming ideas for Mother's Day

24-7-364 = mother … could also be rephrased to "mother is always there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 364 days a...[more]

Easy new plants for the garden

The planting season is just round the corner and garden centres and shops are bursting with lovely plants from Danish...[more]

Say welcome with plants in containers that match your style and home

The entrance is the welcome greeting of the home and most of us would like to make our front door container as personal...[more]

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