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Fun plant landscapes for children's play

The autumn half-term break provides a welcome breathing space in the busy family schedule. Use the extra time to...[more]

Welcome new plant friends

When we northerners visit the southern climes, we are always greeted with great kindness by the locals. Many exciting...[more]

Cool Cyclamen

At this time of year, cyclamen - or alpine violet - is one of the most beautiful plants around. It can brighten up the...[more]

Create a healthy home with plants

While architects and interior designers may have many different ideas about future trends, one Danish researcher says...[more]

Chrysanthemum - popular outdoors and indoors

The change from summer to autumn brings both windy, cold days and warm and gentle moments that can be enjoyed in a...[more]

Do-it-yourself solutions for the conservatory plants

The conservatory has overtaken the "conversation kitchen" in popularity. Where once it was regarded as little more than...[more]

Plants for the different styles in consumers' gardens

Show me your garden and I'll tell you who you are ... Outdoor areas are an integral part of our homes, and reflect our...[more]

Plant in today's trend with things from the attic

Go hunting in the attic, and get your home looking right up to date ... it sounds like a bit of a paradox, but that is...[more]

Perennial pleasures in the garden

While the colours of late summer are clear and deep and acquire extra intensity when the sun shines down from a high,...[more]

Exciting plant experiences at Odense Flower Festival

The summer's music festivals and rock concerts are drawing to a close. Our sense of hearing has been running on...[more]

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