Sensory Wellbeing 13.11.2015

Sensory Wellbeing

Wellbeing springs from peace of mind. It is achieved by bringing your plants indoors into your home and providing...[mere]

Autumn 2015: Silent Living 10.08.2015

Autumn 2015: Silent Living

After a summer of big skies and many colours, we feel a longing for tranquillity in our decor. We want to have our...[mere]

Summer 2015: Urban Beach 13.05.2015

Summer 2015: Urban Beach

Urban Beach is the epitome of the urban and diverse outdoor life of summer,inspired by the Californian mentality,...[mere]

Spring 2015: Harmonious Horizon 19.01.2015

Spring 2015: Harmonious Horizon

Harmonious Horizon is a safe and reassuring universe that exudesharmonious colours and sumptuous materials. It is a...[mere]

Winter 2014: Flora Chances 11.11.2014

Winter 2014: Flora Chances

It is time to try out the new commercial possibilities. For many seasons, commercial fashion and design has been...[mere]

Autumn 2014: Simple Details 09.09.2014

Autumn 2014: Simple Details

Soothing, grey monochrome colours and bold shapes with a touch of pink, yellow and orange. Be daring in a subtle...[mere]

Summer 2014: Light Bloom 01.05.2014

Summer 2014: Light Bloom

Light Bloom is a visualisation of the light at the end of the tunnel; a flash of light has gone through interior and...[mere]

Spring 2014: Colourful Spirit 02.01.2014

Spring 2014: Colourful Spirit

Colourful Spirit shows how trends from South America, Brazil and Rio de Janeiro can be interpreted in a Scandinavian...[mere]

Winter 2013: Tales of Flowers 04.11.2013

Winter 2013: Tales of Flowers

Fairy tale, history and romance are the key concepts in Tales of Flowers. The  theme takes its inspiration from...[mere]

Autumn 2013 - Timeless Bloom 04.07.2013

Autumn 2013 - Timeless Bloom

Timeless Bloom aims to make time stand still, and celebrates the timeless, the Scandinavian and the masculine – all...[mere]

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